This month we’re doing it big with an exclusive shoot featuring EBONY Power 100 'For the Culture' honorees and cast members of the highly anticipated film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Through its groundbreaking representation of inclusivity, Marvel’s Black Panther sparked a phenomenon that spoke to the range that a predominantly Black cast could offer if afforded an opportunity to shine. Proclaiming “Wakanda Forever,” fans have excitedly welcomed the Black Panther universe into their homes and hearts since its inception. The much-anticipated sequel will undoubtedly continue to break barriers for Black creatives in Hollywood while championing diversity worldwide.

In an epic shoot that was six months in the making, the EBONY team traveled to San Diego Comic Con where cover stars Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke and film series newcomer Dominique Thorne would make an emotional surprise appearance as they premiered the film’s trailer. Dressed in bold colors amid a dreamy set of lush greenery, the cast conjured regal vibes.

EBONY's November/December digital cover. Photo by Keith Major using Google Pixel 7 Pro.

In a first ever partnership with Google Pixel 7, EBONY Photo Director Keith Major utilized the brand’s cutting edge technology to amplify the content capture experience. Partnering with the cutting-edge brand to celebrate the biggest film of the year signals an exciting new chapter for #TeamEBONY. Not only are we pushing the envelope in how our iconic covers come to life—we’re making an important statement about representation and access by championing image capture in a more accessible way. As a field, photography used to be closed to all but those who could afford expensive cameras; with innovations like Pixel 7, that is changing. It was important that we make a bold statement about how the industry has evolved with a brand that is leading the charge.

With Wakanda Forever, the Black Panther crew was charged with the difficult task of continuing the epic saga while mourning the loss of their fearless leader Chadwick Boseman. Creatively, we sought to evoke imagery that felt both reflective and hopeful as the cast embarked on the continuation of this journey. A gorgeous sunset backdrop nods to the close of one chapter, while evoking a sense of hope for the future. Set designer Alexa Polanco created an otherworldly environment filled with lush greenery and natural elements that hint to the glorious majesty of the kingdom of Wakanda.

In their exclusive cover story, the cast shares how they continued the epic saga of the kingdom of Wakanda—all while carrying on the legacy of their beloved leader. Check out our cover story, behind-the-scenes videos, and exclusive content around the film. Plus, a look at this month’s Afrofuturism theme and a larger look at Black creatives pushing the movement forward.