Jacob Latimore recently discussed with EBONY the second season of Lena Waithe’s series The Chi, how he relates to his character and the importance of telling authentic Black stories. In the series, Latimore plays Emmett, a sneaker-obsessed playboy whose love for the ladies resulted in three unplanned children with three different mothers. This season follows Emmett as he struggles to find himself after his mother, Jada, kicks him out of her house and forces him to grow up. Despite the changes Emmett has faced so far in the season, Latimore believes his character has a lot more growing up to do. “I don’t think that he’s evolved quiet yet. I think he’s dealing with certain things he hasn’t dealt with before,” he explained. “Being an adult, being a father, finding a way on his own and also seeking out his father for guidance. I think that’s another missing piece for his growth that he may need.” Latimore may be able to relate to Emmett’s charming charisma and his affinity for the ladies, but he says he hasn’t been “that reckless.” One thing he does relate to is Emmett’s sneaker appreciation. “It’s certain things I can relate to. Some of his fashion, his shoes. I had to pay attention to my reality shoe game because the first thing people would do when they see me is ‘nice shoes,'” he said. When asked what advice he’d give his sister for dating a man like Emmett, Latimore joked, “Keep your guard up because he’s a player. I can see right through him.” While The Chi is a highly acclaimed series, it has faced criticism for negatively depicting Black people and Black communities. Latimore believes that it’s important to highlight the full spectrum of Black stories, including the darker ones. “I think that we’ve got to really watch the news and we really got to pay attention to social media,” he said. “Before we can protest against cops, before we can protest against White people, we gotta make sure we’re sticking together. We’re only showing the stories we hear.” Check out the clip above. The Chi airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.