There are many unsung heroes who have helped to shape American history. The new historical drama film Devotion unearths the story of Jesse Brown, the first Black aviator in U.S. Navy, whose efforts tremendously impacted the U.S.'s success during the Korean War. In the midst of the social climate of that time, Brown was still able to succeed and break barriers.

"We were articulating a certain pain and a certain suffering. The ritual was to then turn it into a strength. That's why it's a mirror. When you witness yourself hurt in the same instance moments later, you watch yourself heal from that, that gives you confidence," shared Majors, who plays Brown. "That gives you that Black man swag of 'you can't hurt me.' Not that I can't be hurt...but the acknowledgement of the pain, fear and discomfort is why he was successful."

EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez spoke with Jonathan Majors and Christina Jackson, who plays his wife Daisy Brown, about their new film, uplifting the legacy and strength of Brown, and the love he shared for his wfe.

"Jesse Brown is a great man. He is negotiating and maintaining his excellence. But that can only happen because he has a woman behind him that is just as strong and in some ways stronger...ultimately she is the thing that is pushing him forward and giving him reason to be brave," added Majors.