In the midst of everyday life, we can all use a little me time, especially parents.

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart is reminded of the importance of having those moments to indulge in both real life and in his new Netflix movie, Me Time, which also stars Regina Hall and Mark Wahlberg. In the film, Hart plays Sonny, a dad who is gifted a weekend away from his wife and kids for the first time in a long while. He ends up reconnecting with an old friend who shows him a wild time and a chance to reconnect with his fun side.

EBONY correspondent Dustin Mooney Jr. caught up with the funnyman to chat about his new film and the creative process that went into its creation.

"The idea was to celebrate the man who plays the "Mr. Mom" role and takes joy in being a part of his kid's day-to-day," shared Hart. "He sometimes lacks the separation from his kids and being able to let go."