Many of us can relate to the stress of a parent not answering the phone for a long period of time. What would you do if your mom and new boyfriend go missing on an international trip and foreign "red tape" gets in the way? Missing follows the anticipation and anxiety of a teenage girl who uses every piece of technology at her disposal to find her mom despite being miles away from her.

The film's stars actresses, Nia Long and Storm Reid, chop it up with EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez on why the film will keep folks on their edge of their seats.

"I think Missing Is just a thrilling ride. it's mysterious fun, you're going to be anxious and on the edge of your seat. When you think you have it figured out, there will be another plot twist and you're going to be back at square one," said Reid.

"I just though it was interesting to tell a story from the perspective of several different forms of technology. Whether it was a ring cam, an iPhone, computer or app," shared Long. She later continued, "The genre of this film is a thriller. But, it's definitely a technically driven thriller which is different than anything I've ever done. I was excited about that because it's a new experience."