Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Nina Westbrook dedicates her time to helping couples—and families—work through traumas and underlying issues in order to become their best. As a busy mom of three little ones, which includes twins, as well as a wife to NBA star Russell Westbrook, she knows firsthand what it takes to ensure your family unit is on one accord.

Earlier this year, she released a card game, Do Tell, that provides a range of questions and topics for couples, families or even individuals to utilize to dig deeper and strengthen their bonds. Now, Westbrook is adding to her Bene by Nina Westbrook brand with the launch of her new podcast, The Relationship Chronicles.

The new series will engage with experts and celebrity guests discussing tough topics with humor and compassion. She will guide candid conversations about the everyday struggles of real-life relationships—from friendships, and family dynamics, to dating. Nina Westbrook and her guests will share tips and personal experiences on how to forge meaningful connections. Oh, and you will see some familiar faces, including: Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Sophia Roe, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Shan Boodram, Malin Akerman, Matt Higgins and more.

EBONY caught up with the LMFT to learn more about the first season of The Relationship Chronicles and whether her husband will make an appearance as well.

Nina Westbrook. Image: GD Shoots.

EBONY: As a LMFT, what do you hope listeners, especially couples, will take away from the episodes?

Nina Westbrook: Chatting about relationships happens to be my specialty, but I'm just grateful to have some amazing guests trust me enough to come on my first season and share some of the trials and triumphs of their personal relationships. My hope for each episode is to find a way to connect the information and tips listeners will hear from my guests and me, to the commonplace struggles that we all experience in our everyday lives. Through the stories and lessons shared, the listeners will be able to see themselves, and their lives, and how connected we all truly are. I was very adamant about whom the guests would be for my first season. I wanted to make sure that we would be able to get a real glimpse into the lives of the guests, and that we would all be better, or different, after listening to each episode. I'm always an advocate for growth in all ways.

For this first season you were able to snag some of Black Hollywood's greats, is there a favorite episode that sticks out to you? If so, why that one?

Honestly, when I was in the moment when having the conversations; I was just in awe of everyone. I really am like a sponge, and one of my favorite things to do is search for ways that I can connect with the next person, as well as learn to look at the world through their lens. As you said, I was able to pick the brains of some extraordinary talents, and they each brought a new and fresh perspective. I think that there was a recurring theme of growth, self-love and acceptance, and perseverance. I can't wait for everyone to tune in.

How candid are you and your guests getting on the podcast, and what will truly make The Relationship Chronicles stand out from other podcasts?

It's going to be a great mix between celebrities and experts who are not only sharing stories, but speaking from a unique place of experience or expertise. A lot of the information you're going to hear on the show is research based, and not just a matter of opinion. By the end of each episode, listeners will be left with small nuggets of wisdom that will lead to growth and connection. Many of the guests that I have on this first season are known for living life out loud, and doing so unapologetically. Expect to get the raw and unfiltered truth from this season's guests, as well as myself.

Will we get an episode of you and your husband this season? If so, what was something in that conversation that really made your heart melt?

Russell will definitely be making an appearance on one of the episodes. I don't want to share too much, but I can say that it's probably the most he's ever revealed about himself publicly, which probably comes as no surprise.