Danessa Myricks is a highly acclaimed and accomplished makeup artist who has made a significant impact in the beauty industry. With a career spanning over two decades, she has become widely recognized for her talent, creativity, and ability to push the boundaries of traditional makeup artistry. Myricks is known for her innovative techniques and versatile approach to beauty, creating stunning looks that range from natural and effortless to bold and dramatic. You can't swipe on the beauty side of TikTok without seeing one of her products going viral.

Her brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty, is synonymous with creativity and inclusivity, catering to a diverse range of skin tones and ethnicities. One of the most remarkable aspects of her beauty line is the emphasis on versatility, offering multipurpose products that can be used for various purposes, from creating a flawless base to experimenting with bold and avant-garde looks. Moreover, Danessa Myricks is celebrated not only for her remarkable cosmetics but also for her commitment to education, as she regularly conducts workshops and masterclasses to empower aspiring makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. Her approach to beauty highlights the importance of self-expression and self-confidence, inspiring individuals to embrace their unique features and celebrate the transformative power of makeup. From her exceptional product range to her dedication to empowerment, Danessa Myricks undeniably represents a beauty brand that pushes boundaries and allows every individual to express their inner artist.

Danessa is so many things within the beauty industry and as of late her brand is the "Best Eyeshadow Palette" winner of EBONY's 2023 Beauty + Grooming Awards.