Many people outside of California have the misconception that being from Los Angeles automatically grants you access to Hollywood. However, this is far from the truth, as Ronald Watkins, a native of Compton, can attest. Initially, working in Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with celebrities seemed like a distant dream for him. However, what began as a way to enhance his eyebrows quickly transformed into a remarkable ten-year career in the makeup industry.

Watkins has gained recognition for his exceptional talent in creating flawless and natural looks, making him highly sought-after in the field. With his meticulous attention to detail and ability to bring out the genuine beauty in his clients, he has established himself as a prominent name in the industry.

His career took off by working with reality TV stars, and through word-of-mouth, he gradually transitioned into collaborating with some of the most prominent figures in the entertainment world. Most recently, he had the opportunity to work not only on Nicki Minaj's VMA performance but also on her highly anticipated album, Pink Friday 2. Watkins' journey serves as a testament to the fact that regardless of where you come from, you can make your dreams a reality. One does not have to be confined by their environment.

EBONY had the privilege of speaking with Ronald Watkins, the rising star make-up artist from Compton, California, about all things beauty and how he navigated his way into Hollywood while remaining humble. As any skilled makeup artist, Ronald always carries top-of-the-line tools in his professional toolkit. His expertise is evident by the fact that a few products he uses even won awards in EBONY's 2023 Beauty + Grooming Awards.