Quincy Brown is more than just an heir to one of music’s biggest families. The 27 year old is out to make a name for himself as a model, actor, singer, director and producer. Juggling so many hats may be overwhelming for some, but Brown has it all under control. He recently spoke with JET about his multidimensional career, whether or not he’s ‘boo-ed up’ and which lovely lady he’d name #JETBeautyoftheWeek. Known for working in the public eye, Brown revealed his initial apprehension about being in front of a camera. “Behind the scenes is actually where I kind of starting things,” he said. “I was more interested in how it worked… I’m inspired by so much.” When asked about his dream musical collaboration, the “Friends First” crooner revealed that he’s looking forward to working alongside Scorpion emcee Drake. He’s not worried about when the duo will team up. “It’ll happen,” Brown said. “Everything I do happens how it happens.” Spilling the “tea” on his relationship status, Brown said, “Yes, I’m still single like the last pringle.” He credits his single status with being old fashion and honoring “how things were really supposed to be done when it comes to getting to know somebody.” Known for killing his role on Fox’s musical drama Star, Brown is excited about his future in acting. “I definitely want to go the action route for show. Of course, I definitely want to be a hero at one point.” Along with wanting to do his own stunts, he wants to bring the laughs in comedy. Lastly, Brown said he’d name his late mother, Kim Porter, #JETBeautyoftheWeek. Check out the interview below.