Games People Play actor Sarunas J. Jackson recently sat down with EBONY to discuss his role as Dro on HBO hit Insecure, saying he was grateful show producers were receptive to the idea of making the married playboy African-American and Panamanian, just like himself. He also argues the need for more Afro-Latino representation in general, though he doesn’t believe one’s ethnicity has to be the focal point of every story. “I do want more of that. There’s some stories I’d like to create…It doesn’t have to be about them being Afro-Latino. It could be like Creed, except Michael B. Jordan is Dominican…it could just be sprinkled in there. Just have a flag on his wall, you know?” Jackson also kept it 100 while sharing his thoughts on his Afro-Latino community, saying some of them “are confused about who they are.” Check out the clip above.