There’s a new story to tell about Black women.

According to the Harvard Business Review, Black women are leading the pack when it comes to launching new brands — but there is a challenge. Many Black female entrepreneurs lack the resources and support needed to ensure their businesses flourish. Despite the trying odds, there are companies that push through and thrive. EBONY, in collaboration with Walmart, is proud to present SheEO, an ongoing series that highlights the inspirational and dynamic stories of Walmart’s Black women business partners.

Hosted by actress/producer/entrepreneur Marsai Martin, each episode of SheEO is centered around an honest conversation of what it really takes to be a trailblazer. From grappling with self-doubt to scrambling for information, SheEO tells the very personal journey of what it means to be a Black woman and CEO.

This episode of SheEO features Detara “Tara” Darnley, an inventor, business strategist and entrepreneur, who is CEO of Darlyng & Co, a brand that caters to products for everyday parenting. Hailing from Jamaica, and living in New York City, Darnley’s business aspirations soared once she realized the gap that existed in practical products for children. Her first invention was inspired by a mother’s love. “When my daughter was two months old, she started teething and was constantly chewing on her hands,” she says. Darnley came up with a mitt to keep her daughter’s hands dry and gums soothed. “From there we have over 100 products now for kids and I’m just loving the ride of being able to just wake up and create.”

Darnley opens up about everything from growing up under the safety and watchful eyes of Rastafarians in her homeland to navigating the challenges of transforming a big idea to a profit-earning company and paying yourself. The entrepreneur also drops several gems and one special message to those aspiring to share shelf space in Walmart. “Write it down. Write the vision,” she advises. “Make it plain.”

Listen to Detara Darnley’s episode of SheEO.