If you’ve ever attended a family cookout or holiday dinner, you can relate to the excitement that comes with it: the anticipation of who’s attending, what you’ll wear and most importantly, what is on the menu.

TV personality Miss Quad Webb brings that excitement to her many festivities. The lively chef and author warmly welcomed EBONY’s Beautiful Black Homes into her dwelling for an exclusive tour and to give us a taste of how she celebrates the holidays.

Quad Webb sitting in home
Image: Jared Davis

The home, with its classic chocolate brown brick exterior, is situated on a quiet street just outside bustling Atlanta. Webb purchased this house with her family in mind, aiming to create a comfortable and guest-friendly space. "I have a huge family [and] we try and stay very close," she shared.

The location of her home is especially convenient, as it serves as the central hub for all her family events. With numerous grocery and retail stores in the vicinity, she can easily find whatever she needs for impromptu gatherings and the holiday season. This convenience allows her to maximize quality time with loved ones.

Stepping into Webb’s foyer, you are spellbound by a classic dark wood spiral staircase. “What I wanted people to feel upon entering the home is that it’s cozy and a place of peace, unity and love.”

all white chandelier
Image: Jared Davis

As I perused the Webb residence, its inviting intent made an immediate impact. The lighting was gorgeous with credit given to the unique chandeliers cascading from the ceilings. When asked about her favorite space, Webb replied, “My bedroom gives me tranquility.” She revels in the serenity she feels in her primary suite.

Her home design is simple and beautiful, a tastefully arranged space that captivates your senses with cool artwork and unique dramatic pieces. Crown molding decorates every ceiling, giving it a classy touch. Webb cited that androgyny was the motivation behind her style choices, which include a mixture of stones, metals and wood.

Quad Webb's office
Image: Jared Davis

“As feminine as I am, there is a level of masculinity that I’m attracted to, and you’ll see that reflected in my home.”

The space also offers layers of contrast and boldness, including the moody dark office that serves sophistication and sexiness. “A lot of times, people are nervous about using black paint. Although it’s dark, I still didn’t want it to feel closed in…we did a great job” executing the design.

The formal dining room seats up to 12 and has been host to many impromptu meals that Webb has been able to whip together with the help of grocery delivery to keep up with the bustle. “The formal dining room to me says royalty…this is how Queens should dine.”

Quad dining table
Image: Jared Davis

The sweeping scenery of Webb’s backyard adds to her androgynous design. Referring to it as “a complete oasis,” Webb confessed, “It’s very difficult to go away to a resort because I have one of my very own.”

Webb's gracious tour included the Great Room, which she jokingly said is equivalent to the room your Mama wouldn’t ever let you sit in. “You admire it from a distance, you don’t touch anything, and you don’t sit on anything,” she exclaimed.

We wrapped things up in the Grand Central Station of her home: the kitchen. “The kitchen just says family, come on in, grab a seat, and get something to eat,” Webb declared.

That warm welcome is especially common during the holiday season. Webb’s home is often the base for family gatherings. “We try to get together every Sunday.”

And gather they did. The family arrived as we were leaving to enjoy the beautiful holiday feast and warm vibe Miss Quad Webb had thoughtfully prepared—with a touch of help from grocery delivery. This home's level of comfort and good taste is unparalleled; it is a perfect place to live, laugh, love and eat.