O'Jays members Eddie Levert and Walter Williams were in for a surprise during a recent interview with EBONY. The duo, both original members of the acclaimed group, delivered hilarious reactions after seeing three JET Magazine covers they previously appeared on. After taking a look at the June 1975 cover, Williams joked, "They've got my name wrong on that one. They put my name up on the wrong person." According Levert, the outfits worn on the cover were indicative of a popular fashion trend. "That's when jean suits were popular. You see we were in them," he said. Levert kept the same enthusiasm when he saw the August 1977 cover. "This is when we were popping," he said. "We were cooking with gas. We were all over the place." Williams was impressed with their ensembles. "And had a great tailor." he shared. His longtime friend and collaborator agreed. "We had a great guy! The guy that was making our clothes." Levert said, "We had figures then," before laughing. Williams joked, "I couldn't get one leg in that outfit now." Shouting out the third group member who appeared in the cover, Williams said, "That's Sammy, that's not Will." Reflecting on Sammy Strains contributions to the group, Levert said, "He was such an intricate part of when we got into that super star mode. He was the guy that held the middle down. He had the look. He had the flair. He made me and Walt's job very easy. All we had to worry about was singing and getting back in step with him." The longtime friends kept the jokes coming when they checked out the August 1989 cover. "That's a lot more recent," Williams said. "We're getting older, you can notice that," Levert joked. William said, "My weave got cut way down!" In the midst of their laughter, Levert said, "But we're still looking good, man. We're still at 'em" to which Williams replied, "Yeah, maybe." The group’s final album, The Last Word, is currently available on all streaming platforms. Watch the full video above.