Viola Davis is one of many actresses to recently share her truth when it comes to the lack of hair stylists in the biz who can care for the beautifully diverse tresses of Black women. Davis, however, refuses to let that fact affect how she perceives herself, saying she has trusted hair-care pros on her team that prevent her from having to engage with that unfortunate truth of her industry. "That has not been my narrative lately of hair because I refuse it. I reject it...I don't think that people understand our hair...they don't understand that we're different, and yet, the same. What I find is, hair is something that a lot of people don't honor when you do film." The Emmy, Oscar and Tony Award-winner also spoke on the lack of "regular Black women" on screen and why it's important for creatives of color to "talk louder" when they feel their voices are being ignored. Check out the clip above.