In this exclusive interview with EBONY, rapper Waka Flocka and wife, Tammy Rivera, discuss their time on Marriage Boot Camp, transitioning from VH1 to WEtv, cutting off non-supportive friends and more. The Flockas joining Marriage Boot Camp was more about the check than anything else, with Tammy admitting it was also a way to convince her hubby to try couple’s therapy. As for renewing their wedding vows shortly after the season wrapped, the couple had plans to hold a ceremony long before the reality show was a part of the deal. “We were going to do it anyway,” Tammy said. “It was our five-year anniversary coming up, and we always said if we made it to five years…” “When we made it to five years,” Waka interjected. “It was if, at one point,” Tammy replied, sticking to her guns. The couple also discussed why they didn’t have a full-blown wedding when they married in 2014, with the Brick Squad boss saying he didn’t want to share the experience with anyone else. He also didn’t want anyone attempting to talk him out of it, sharing that he’s cut off friends for not supporting their union, including their decision to forgo a prenup. The reality stars also discussed joining WEtv’s Growing Up Hip-Hop after spending years on VH1 rival, Love & Hip Hop. While they appreciate what L&HH has done for them, they feel as if they’ve outgrown the series, and also wanted to support Waka’s mother Deb Antney, an executive producer of GUHH. The pair also debate over how similar their relationship was to other Marriage Boot Camp cast members. Check out the clip above.