As an acclaimed Black woman in film, Viola Davis is saying no more to playing an oppressed Black soul.

Last year, the actress received a lot of backlash from her depiction in the film, The Help. Undeniably a great read and even greater film, Davis played a character of a Black maid who viewers watched come into her own. Critics suggested the movie (and the role) had uncomfortable and unrealistic racial overtones.

Due to the controversy, and realizing that she has “been there, done that and does not need to go back,” Davis is desisting any upcoming roles as a maid, aside from her latest film, Beautiful Creatures (in theaters February 14th). In the upcoming film, Davis plays a character named Amma, who is both a maid and librarian.

“As soon as I saw that Amma was a housekeeper, my radar went up because of ‘The Help,’” Davis tells “I said, ‘I can’t be another housekeeper.’”