A clip of Evan Kaufman competing on the$100,000 Pyramid game show hosted by Michael Strahan went viral after he flubbed a question about Barack Obama during the final round. The new father apologized for the confusion and said it was due to “dad brain” in an essay for Fatherly.com.

In the snippet, Kaufman is playing alongside comedian Tim Meadows in the word association game, where one person is told a list of clues to help their teammate figure out the category. The subject for the round that Kaufman needed Meadows to guess was “People Whose Last Name Is Obama.” Unfortunately, he shouted, “Bin Laden” instead of the first names of the former first family: Barack, Michelle, Malia or Sasha.

The clip, which has been viewed over 2.5 million times, helped the contestant become nicknamed, “Racist $100,00 Pyramid Guy.”

Kaufman said he’s carrying around “shame” for the moment. He later explained, “I filmed this $100,000 Pyramid episode two weeks after my son was born. On two hours of sleep. None of that excuses anything. I bring it up only to say that I’m both mortified and happy. I love my son and I’m still in the heady early days of parenthood.”

Since the infamous clip, Kaufman said he’s had to turn down interview requests, been made fun of by several people including family and friends, but was also supported by some of his idols including Chrissy Teigen and Questlove.