The family of multitalented entertainer Pharell Williams has settled with the city of Virginia Beach for $3 million in a wrongful death lawsuit after his cousin Donovon Lynch was killed by police, reports Billboard. 

In June 2021, Wayne Lynch, Donovon’s father, filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city and police officer Solomon D. Simmons, alleging he "unlawfully and without warning fired his police-issued firearm at Mr. Lynch, shooting him twice and killing him." 

In a joint statement from the city of Virginia Beach and Lynch’s family, the terms of the settlement were announced.

“The City of Virginia Beach and the family of Donovon Lynch have agreed to a $3 million settlement in the officer-involved shooting which resulted in the tragic loss of Donovon Lynch’s life in March 2021,” read the joint statement.

Lynch was killed in March 2021 at the city’s crowded boardwalk in a chaotic scene following multiple outbreaks of gunfire where at least eight people were wounded and one woman, who was reported to be a bystander, was killed.

Per the lawsuit, Lynch was attending a nightclub with his friend when the shooting took place outside. After they left the club, they were confronted by Simmons.

“Immediately, unlawfully and without warning, officer Simmons fired his police-issued firearm at Mr. Lynch, shooting him twice and killing him,” the lawsuit states.

In November 2021, a special grand jury trial ruled that Simmons was justified in killing Lynch because he reportedly had a gun. The joint statement from Tuesday acknowledged that more details “about the facts of that fateful night and encounter” have surfaced.

"[We] have come to understand that a series of unfortunate occurrences led to Donovon’s death that night—which in hindsight should never have occurred as it was later determined that neither Donovon nor the officer set in motion the events that transpired,” the statement said.

The news of the settlement follows Pharrell’s announcement last month that the Something In The Water Festival will return to Virginia Beach. Last year, he held the festival in Washington D.C. on Juneteenth weekend because of what he deemed to be Virginia Beach's "toxic energy" following his cousin's death.

On the second day of the Mighty Dream Forum in Norfolk, Virginia, Pharrell shared some details about next year's festival.

"This is really about the 757. It's always been about the 757," hel said. "Something In The Water is returning to Virginia Beach in 2023. The festival will be back [on] the last weekend in April, the 28th, the 29th, and the 30th."