Black people are abundantly magnificent.  We have continuously pushed the boundaries of excellence within society while etching the blueprint for style and grace. However, our collective power has always been sourced from our ability to unearth gold out of impossible circumstances. For many, this strength was birthed out of the simple need to survive.  As if persisting under the weight of systemic and intersectional oppression is not enough, exposure to abuse and violence has been far too common across the Black community. Consequently, those subject to this mistreatment may lose sight of their light and feel disempowered to use their voice.  

This is where Conversations With Kym comes in to bridge the gap.

Founded by motivational speaker Kym Feltus, the event series Conversations With Kym is committed to combating domestic violence and abuse within communities of color through conversation and empowerment. Jointly, the powerhouse duo composed of Feltus and Hollywood icon Vivica A. Fox have created a virtual platform for individuals who have endured trauma and marginalization to find the strength to regain control over their narrative. Usually conducted in person, the two will be hosting discussions on mental health, wellness, Black entrepreneurship and technology. This four hour long workshop, takes place today, May 15, 2021, and is structured to provide participants with tools that will reinstill self-esteem, pride and a sense of authority over their lives.

Kym Feltus is no stranger to overcoming difficult situations. A mother, entrepreneur and victim of domestic violence, she has used her own life experience to serve as a beacon for those who have experienced moments of extreme vulnerability and struggle to be reminded of their true magnificence. “I went through the shame of being told I was lying or exaggerating and no one believed me. After that, I committed myself to telling my own story of survival. During the pandemic, I saw that the statistics of domestic violence were rising again and it sparked something in me. I needed to give a voice to the voiceless so that they understand that we believe them even when no one else does. There is power and healing in your voice and we have an obligation to one another to listen.” It was this passion for service that attracted Vivica A. Fox to join Feltus in her mission to uplift those who are in need of compassion and visibility. 

Motivational speaker Kym Feltus. Image: Courtesy of Conversations with Kym

Fox, who hosts FOX SOUL’s Screening Room, which highlights the voices of Black creators, stated that this event stands out from other empowerment events as it shows true solidarity within our community through the sharing of authentic stories. “We, as a community, have to learn to communicate because everything is not always perfect and we all go through our own trials and tribulations. We normally sweep these things under the rug like everything is okay but when we go home, there is craziness. We are finally learning to stick together and doing so through using our voice and telling our story.”

Hollywood icon Vivica A. Fox. Image: Courtesy of Conversation with Kym

This empowerment event also boasts an all-star lineup of special guests and performers that include Eva Marcille (Real Housewives Of Atlanta), Tyler Lepley (P-Valley on STARZ/Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots), Trina Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Isaac Hayes III (Estate Manager and Son of Isaac Hayes), the "Southern Hummingbird" Tweet, Byron Cage, Dorinda Clark Cole and many more. On the significance of this year’s speakers, Feltus stated “This is a very sensitive space and very sensitive topics so we needed people who were in tuned and who genuinely love people. It gets discouraging, as a Black person, because we are often faced with ‘no.’ To have our own community say ‘hey, we are going to invest in us, is important. This makes me very excited about the event.'”

Feltus and Fox’s collaborative effort is a reminder of the fortitude and resilience stitched into the framework of our community and to always strive to be the voice for others that says “yes, you are magnificent, too.”