Last night, MTV held its annual Video Music Awards, and keeping in line with other shows aired recent years, managed to make (Black) audiences appreciate the BET Awards more. Miley Cyrus was tapped for hosting duties and proved to be as useless and frustrating as one expected her to be. By now, most of the show is already a blur to me—self-care is important, y’all—but I do have thoughts.

Miley Cyrus is awful.

If Miley Cyrus would just stick to singing country music and do interesting covers with Ariana Grande, the world would be a less irritating place. Instead, the former child star still has a hard-on when it comes to trying to convince audiences how badass she is. Miley, at a time when marijuana is either completely legal, or at the very least, decriminalized, in multiple states, you making a weed joke every five seconds is not daring or entertaining. The same goes for her wearing all those barely-there outfits intended to shock and awe by baring all. Miley, Madonna already happened, and you could never best her Blond Ambition tour. I wish you would listen to En Vogue’s “Give It Up, Turn It Loose” and be inspired.

Oh, and don’t think I did not miss you referring to Snoop Dogg as your “mammy.” This is the same woman who only a week ago was in the press telling Nicki Minaj there is a way to talk about race. Well, using Black men as props for corny skits and then referring to one of those men as “mammy” ain’t the way to lead by example. Go away, you cornball teenager trapped inside of a twentysomething’s body.

God bless Nicki Minaj.

One, for improving her body roll on stage to truly sell the performance of “Trini Dem Girls.” Two, for body rolling while walking to accept her award for Best Hip-Hop video. Finally, for calling out Miley Cyrus after Cyrus came for her neck in a New York Times interview. Do not let those mainstream outlet headlines with her stereotypical imagery fool you: Miley Cyrus should have kept her thoughts to herself. They were uninformed thoughts to begin with. (I think this is the part where people want me to address her bringing Taylor Swift on stage. I’d rather not.)

The Weeknd had the best performance of the night.

That says a whole lot about the show (no shade). I happen to like “Can’t Feel My Face,” though not as much as Kanye West, who looked like he wanted to jump onstage and be the Tina Landon to the Weeknd’s Janet Jackson. It was a nice performance and considering the song, the perfect way to acknowledge Michael Jackson’s birthday, which occurred the day before.

No, Kanye.

Many people seemed impressed with Kanye West’s acceptance speech for his Video Vanguard Award. It reminds me of David Koresh supporters. And you know, those folks who are way too deep when it comes to their adulation of One Direction. In any event, Kanye West did not make a lick of sense. Kanye West can down award shows all he wants, but his core issue is, despite his many, many talents and vision, he’s upset whenever he feels he doesn’t get his due. It’s okay to be upset about that, but why let that feeling linger, or in Kanye’s case, consume you for several years? Especially when the game is so clear now, as far as White acts with no soul and minimal talent winning R&B and hip-hop categories.

Be confident in your work. Make your art for art’s sake and let what is supposed to happen, happen. Or if nothing else, stop begging so much for validation and approval—particularly from folks who don’t really respect you and your ilk. BUT I GUESS.

Shout out to Chris Brown.

Though Chris Brown was not in attendance, his BET Awards performance years ago sure made its mark last night. Look no further than Breezy inspiring Justin Bieber’s tears at the end of his performance. We can’t have anything. Not even our tears, which in Bieber’s case, looks like they came with a side of crocodile. That said, I’m becoming a Belieber. His two most recent singles slap.

Okay, before I go, I’d like to laugh at Iggy Azalea’s brief return to the stage. Enjoy it, sis. You’re still on borrowed time.

Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem, and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him @youngsinick.