It’s International Women’s Day and Vogue is sharing a portfolio of a variety of American women who have change the narrative of U.S. History.

“American Women: Transformers” is dedicated to women in America who have made a significant change in not only their lives, but the lives of others.

The mag commissioned one dozen of its favorite photographers and directors to explore the meaning of “transformation” through photos, “from the superficial to the profound.”

Vogue is encouraging everyone to “(see This Is 40—And Pregnant); others have confronted brutal, unwarranted reversals with ferocious perseverance (see Puerto Rico Se Transforma). There are those who, upon finding themselves at the center of a storm, were forced to forge a new path forward (see In the Eye of the Storm). There are women you may think you know well (see Demi Lovato) and those you will be glad to have met (see The Hair Queens of Chicago).”