Somewhere, I imagine that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is still doing a line dance in celebration of achieving one of his longtime goals: Decimating the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965.

To his credit, Attorney General Eric Holder has not stood idly by as the conservative-majority court and various GOP state officials across the country seek to suppress the votes of millions of minorities to maintain power—using what’s left of the VRA to combat their partisan agenda. Still, it will require more than just Holder and a few outspoken politicians and media figures to offer a real pushback to continued voter suppression rights.

In an effort to help mobilize voters, the Democratic National Committee has launched — a microsite that outlines the fight for voting rights and what the party is doing to protect and expand access to the ballot box. The site also provides historical context around the struggle for voter equality in this country, connecting the original battles to get people of color and women to the polls with contemporary efforts led by the Republican Party to restrict access.

There you can read a timeline that goes from the Civil War to Reconstruction and the 15th amendment, through women's suffrage and the civil rights movement all the way up to the Supreme Court's recent decision.

Most importantly, the site highlights ways in which everyday citizens can get involved with the effort to protect each of our voting rights.

Visit for more information