Earth Month, Earth Day specifically, is often used as a time for reflection and action. It is an opportunity to celebrate all the ways in which the Earth has given so much to us. Because of this, we all have an immense responsibility to ensure that it is around for future generations.

YouTuber and influencer Glen Henry of Beleaf in Fatherhood has partnered with Terrell Rackley of Diamond Minds and the SD Hip Hop 5K & Festival and Brandon Bornes of My Black City to create a solution that would support the intent of Earth Day for families in their local community—Walk For Earth Day.

Walk For Earth Day is an event taking place on April 22, 2023 that is open to the public in a hybrid format so that a larger can participate. Families and groups can create teams and pledge how many steps they are going to take on Earth Day. As of today, 2,251,000 steps have been pledged by 95 teams across 133 cities. Teams can participate in Walk For Earth Day in person at Alta Vista Gardens in Brengle Terrace Park in Vista, CA, or in their own areas. Those who attend in person will also be invited to attend the Local Earth Day Festival.

As a part of the hybrid festivities, the Walk For Earth Day team has curated a special scavenger hunt that encourages folks to get outside and be one with nature via activities, such as walking, running, biking, swimming, working-out, playing, cleaning up and more.

You can pledge to walk on Earth day at