Comedian Wanda Sykes had an idea as to how to manipulate President Donald Trump into being more concerned about Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island last week.

On Monday afternoon, the 53-year-old funny lady made a request to the NFL athletes who have been kneeling in response to the president’s harshly worded objections to football players who don’t stand during the national anthem.

“Dear NFL players, please go to Puerto Rico and kneel to trick @realDonaldTrump into focusing on what the f**k he should be focusing on,” Sykes tweeted.

We really believe this could have worked. Trump may have been enticed to pay attention to the island before letting five days pass had the NFL bought their kneeling to PR.

Trump has been tweeting up a storm since facing widespread backlash for his comments at a rally Friday in Alabama in which he advised NFL owners to fire players who don’t stand during the anthem.

Since his impassioned remarks, NFL players, coaches and owners have taken a united front against Trump by kneeling during the national anthem.

While Puerto Rico struggles to recuperate from the worst hurricane to hit the island in 80 years, Trump’s primary focus over the past few days has been slamming the NFL for opposing him. The president is even looking to impose an NFL regulation aimed at players who kneel during the anthem.

Trump finally acknowledged the crisis PR is facing on Monday—five days after the natural disaster struck. He announced late Tuesday morning that he would visit the island next Tuesday.