Karen Akpan (aka "the Mom Trotter"), her husband Sylvester and her 10-year-old son Aiden have navigated 46 countries together. As one of the top travel influencers for family travel—showing moms everywhere how to travel with young children, Karen earned her moniker. She's even jet-setted across the world with her young nieces and nephew in tow, making her a real trouper when it comes to traveling with young ones.

If her name sounds familiar, Karen Akpan and her husband are also the viral couple known for paying off over $200,000 in debt in just 2-years, all while traveling the world. By making changes like selling their home for an RV, that they drive and park around the country to living a more minimalistic lifestyle, the globetrotting family not only show us how to travel like a boss but they also show us how to get rid of things that no longer serve us.

While she's seen much of the world already—and her favorite destination can change at any moment, the Mom Trotter shares that, right now, Peru simply has her heart.

"Peru absolutely stole my heart, from the food, to the landscapes, to the kind people we met along the way, to the history. Machu Picchu was quite a sight to see as well as the other Inca sites we visited like Saqsaywaman," shares the jet-setting mom. "I also loved seeing all the llamas and alpacas, as those are my favorite animals."

EBONY chatted further with the expert travel influencer to learn more about her travel style, her time in Peru and how we, too, can visit the South American country like the Akpans.

"Our travel style is a mix of adventure, exploration and relaxation. We combine both budget and luxury travel as we feel that it is essential for our son to experience a mix of both," she explains.

Below, check out the Mom Trotter's guide to all-things Peru.

Aiden Akpan with local Peruvian ladies. Image: courtesy of the Mom Trotter.

Where to stay

According to Karen, Peru has so many options for accommodations.

"Our absolute favorite was Mountain View, which is located in Maras in the Cusco region," she shares. "We stayed in a cabin that had a jacuzzi up front with absolutely beautiful views. We went horseback riding and rode ATVs, ate really good local food and got to feed llamas."

The Akpans in Peru. Image: courtesy of the Mom Trotter.

What to eat

For the adventurous folks, the Mom Trotter says you can't go wrong with Peruvian street food. In fact, it was a favorite during her family's trip.

"One morning I had hot chicken soup, known as caldo de gallina from a street vendor, and it was so good. I was walking by and smelled the aroma and just had to try it. I’m so glad that I did," she says. "My 10-year-old tried llama for the first time, and he said it tasted just like beef. He enjoyed fried llama and potatoes from a street vendor we met when we hiked up to Rainbow Mountain."

For those who prefer restaurants, she suggests checking out Jack’s Café for breakfast and La Quinta for dinner—both located in Cusco.

Peruvian cuisine. Image: courtesy of the Mom Trotter.

Things to do

"My must-visit spots are Cusco, where you can visit Machu Picchu, Maras Salt Mines, Saqsaywaman and Huaypo Lagoon," says the traveling mom. "In Lima, be sure to check out the city center, go paragliding by the beach in Miraflores, take a cooking class to experience local food, as well as a chocolate-making class at the ChocoMuseo."

Kay "The Mom Trotter" Akpan in Peru. Image: courtesy of the Mom Trotter.

How to pack for Peru

The weather in Peru can change very quickly.

"I checked the weather when I packed a few days before our trip, and then the morning of our trip I had to repack everything again. It is important to pack layers that you can easily remove," advises the family travel influencer. "The weather goes from cold to hot and back to cold very quickly."

According to her, a puffer jacket is a must-have. Also, comfortable shoes for all the hiking you’ll be doing.

"One day we walked 30,000 steps!" she exclaims.

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