Many people go through life wondering why things do not work in their favor. They seem to do everything right, but often find themselves saying, “I should’ve known,” long after the damage is done. And the truth is, yes you should’ve known and many times, you could have.

It’s hard to be happy, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Here’s a few reasons why you should prioritize establishing a relationship with your intuition during your quest for joy.

1. Your intuition has your best interests at heart. 

Your intuition, which is the innate ability to understand and come to a conclusion about something quickly and with little to no reasoning, is your best friend. It is forever faithful and if you nurture it like a seed, then it will not only grow, but will do so in strength and maturity. And it isn’t operating on anyone’s behalf but yours.

2. Your Intuition feeds your confidence.

People who lack confidence lack belief in themselves and what they have to offer. When you have a solid relationship with your intuition, you are able to confidently make decisions no matter the outcome. It is a belief that things will natural work out in your favor at some point,, even if they do not initially. Intuition isn’t about always making the right decisions; it’s about being properly set up to navigate the storm when it comes.

3. Your intuition doesn’t allow you to second guess yourself.

Second guessing yourself is the worst. Not to say that it will not happen, but when you have a solid relationship with your intuition, your doubts are replaced by peace. Regardless of what happens, you know that you made whatever tough decision based on your intuitive guide. And you are willing to accept the outcome.