Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp is next in the long line of former athletes who’ve depleted their millions. Sapp reportedly filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. after stacking up an insane amount of bills. With a successful NFL career that spanned 13 seasons, we can only shake our heads at his $6.7 million debt for child support, alimony, medical bills, and IRS payments.

With his "Inside the NFL" gig, Sapp’s current income is $115,881 a month. Unfortunately, the 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year is uncertain if his Showtime contract will be renewed in August when it expires. What’s even more bewildering—besides racking up a $942,000 tab with the IRS—is Sapp’s list of assets, which include 240 pairs of Jordans, a large nude painting of a woman (… because a house is not a home without a large nude painting of a woman), and a lion skin rug. The only thing sadder than Sapp’s irresponsibility with his money is that he lost his championship rings from the 2002 Super Bowl and the 1991 national championship with the University of Miami.