The lost of Whitney Houston has been felt all over the globe. Millions of people have shared their favorite memories, paid courtesy to her legacy, and flooded the internet with lament. But, one tribute managed to stand out from the rest, as talk show host Wendy Williams gave a heartfelt dedication to the late pop singer. "I felt very close to Whitney, even though this is a woman I've never met. I've never even been in the same room with her except for one time in my life," she told her packed studio audience. "Some of the things Whitney and I have in common that bonded us: the love of our mother and our father…and both plagued with the demon of substance abuse." 

Wendy, whom began to well up with tears, went on to explain her own past struggles with addiction, but you would have never known that if you knew the history between these two divas. In 2003, on Wendy's radio show, the two cemented their rivalry after an infamous radio interview where the gossip hound interrogated the R&B singer over her alleged drug abuse.

Was Wendy's lament truly genuine? Or was it a too-little-too-late attempt at burying the hatchet?