This June, a 16-year old named Alvin was stopped not once but twice in the same evening for a random police search, which are encouraged by the NYPD’s controversial ‘Stop and Frisk’ policy. He taped the second incident, providing the first known audio documentation of the highly-racialized searches. Officers can be heard threatening the teen for no apparent reason (“I’m gonna break your f*cking arm”) and stating that he was being searched because he was wearing a hoodie and looking back at them as he walked down the street (and “for being a f*cking mutt”) ; when one realizes Alvin was a member of the NYPD Explorers program for youth, they then mock his father for being a traffic officer.

Take a few minutes to watch this powerful video from The Nation, which features Alvin’s account of that fateful evening and commentary from current and former NYPD officers, residents and others.