If “Hot Cheetos and Takis” hadn’t been enough to get you pumped for creative kids, get into this gem from a group of unfairly charming kids from Washington, DC.

From the school’s official YouTube page:

“Orr Elementary, a District of Columbia public school, has generated excitement and opened dialogue with their unconventional video dispelling pervasive myths and countering negative stereotypes about youth in impoverished urban settings in America.

Orr students and staff take an unorthodox approach to establish a positive school climate, build social, emotional and intellectual proficiency, and show the global community that the opposite prevails for most youth stigmatized by geographical location and schools with limited resources.

The video was financed by Orr’s continuous efforts to build partnerships with national and international entities to provide services and unrestricted funding to ensure all students learn what they need to be competent, productive adults in a highly competitive and global economy.

Orr students are cognizant of the negative environmental influences that are literally on their playground. Orr students share their playground with the entire community during the morning, afterschool and weekends. It’s one of the few places for neighborhood children and families to gather and play.

Moreover, the rap lyrics depict how awesome students feel about themselves, their school, parents, teachers and more. In the video, a fourth grader raps: ‘Proficiency doesn’t happen mysteriously; we take math and reading very seriously; like a dinosaur we study hard core; when we step through the door we get challenged some more.’ Orr students know education will break the cycle of poverty and unemployment that ravishes our community in Ward 8.

Orr is located in Ward 8 — less than four miles from the White House — that has the highest unemployment rate in the nation according to Bloomberg.com. Regardless of budget cuts and environmental factors, Orr staff has a slogan: ‘We do whatever it takes!’

We salute Principal Michelle Edwards, the staff, students and parents of Orr Elementary and wish them the best for an ‘awesome’ year!

-Jamilah Lemieux