Before the robotic invasion of 24/7 celebrity news cycles and paparazzi on the hunt for the next star, fresh-faced, gazelle legged supermodels were “it.” Top black sashayers like Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb and Tyra Banks ruled the roost at the height of supermodel-dom in the 90’s…Their always deliciously impeccable companion, often knighted as their prince? The make you sweat-so-good, fidget in your seat Ralph Lauren front-man, Tyson Beckford. Even today at the age of 41, the site of the Afro-Jamaican wonder leaves swooners breathless. Most attribute Beckford’s irresistible charm to his island roots, an environment still known for churning out and championing supermodels.

Traveling to Caribbean fashion shows, I noticed that the genetically favored fellows still elicit uncontrollable applause, not to mention an occasional ‘Stan’ hustling to get close backstage. So what’s behind a male model’s focused stare? We caught a glimpse of a few enterprising lads- all shades of fine-wrangling them up for a visually enchanting Q & A…

California born, D.C nurtured- 25-year-old Bobby Roache has resided in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Milan. Best known as Beyonce’s scrumptious yet uncommitted “to the left” model in her “Irreplaceable” video, Roache is now the face of German brand, ANSON’S.

A surprising tidbit about you?

I attended Duke Ellington High School of the Arts. During an exhibition, I gifted FLOTUS Michelle Obama with my print series “Eyes on Music.” The piece currently hangs in the White House.

Favorite high tech gadget:

Futuristic automobiles

Any wardrobe malfunction moments?

I was once wearing a tiny speedy-needless to say halfway down the runway I was hanging out!

Biggest myth about male models?

That we’re all gay…Be yourself, but not ALL male models are gay; some of us are straight. Attention from both genders is good when modeling because it shows that you attract a diverse variety of people.

Favorite female model to work with?

Joan Smalls- against all odds, side doors, and kicking doors down she never gave up and continuously believed in herself.

The name of your future child…

I would like hisher name to begin with the letter B…It’s a family tradition.

What’s makes you feel sexy?

That’s not entirely up to me…wink wink

Relationship status:

It’s Complicated

Next steps?

In the next 3 years I plan to own a restaurant and art gallery.

Dominican jewel, Miguel Perdomo, initially carved out a name for himself as the face of Sean John clothing. The 28 year-old Jersey native has worked with lines as diverse as Calvin Klein and COOGI, recently nabbing the Gillette Man of the Year Award.

A surprising tidbit about you?

I’m a graphic design graduate of both F.I.T. and the School of Visual Arts. Graphic arts are another passion of mine.

What’s the section of life like for a male model that’s rarely seen by the public eye?

I love my family. It’s with them that I have the most fun, not in the clubs.

How has the profession changed since you began?

When I began modeling, I was told plenty of times that I was too ethnic, rejected from many jobs because of it. I feel that I’ve broken barriers and had a part in paving the way for ethnic and taller male models.

Any runway snafus?

Oh yes! In Miami, the Akoo runway show was on a yacht, which was wet and slippery. Lets just say, for a moment, it was more slip and slide than an actual runway show for me.

Celebrity Crush:

Paula Patton- I love everything about her. She’s a strong female, great actress and has an amazing body.

Your workout regimen.

Calisthenics, pull-ups and dips

What makes you feel sexy?

A fresh haircut.

Relationship status:

Happily involved

Next steps?

Becoming a successful businessman, real estate mogul & actor

A veteran in the biz, 33 year-old Kibwe McGann modeled for four years before pursuing his interests in TV. Groomed in Kingston, Jamaica, he’s best known as the face of Puma in South Africa. While claiming to have escaped the modeling industry, Kibwe recently shot a commercial for BMW’s Mini Cooper.

Favorite designer to work with?

Carlton Brown, a Jamaican designer known for his fitted suits and color blocking. I was his muse, wearing several of his suits to international Red Carpet events.

Is there camaraderie amongst male models?

Most definitely-its the same as the male code, I never saw “it” and “it wasn’t me.”

Any crazy fan anecdotes?

I was doing a show in Jamaica, coming off of the stage and literally had female fans tear my clothes off…WHAT A RUSH!

Favorite female model to work with?

Ebony McCiver, a stunning Australian beauty whom I met in South Africa. We had this amazing connection, which really translated in photos.

Favorite place that you’ve traveled to

South Africa-when that breeze rushes down Table Mountain, through the valley and hits you on Long Street, it whispers, “you’re finally home.”

What makes you feel sexy?

Bright colors, fitted shirts and trousers. It also helps if you have a sexy girlfriend on your arm…

Relationship status:

Happily involved…made too many mistakes in the past

Next steps?

I’m the Executive Producer of BET’s “Splash,” a video & travel show, hosted by my fellow female modeling counterparts. We’re currently in our 3rd season.

Chie Davis is a TV host/ producer that’s contributed to media outlets including CBS, The Huffington Post, WZBN-TV and is the co-creator of Ocean Style TV, a travel & lifestyle show with a Caribbean essence. She loves “pinning” and while confused about it’s ultimate purpose, is convinced that the world can become more beautiful, one ‘pin’ at a time. Join her at: