The National Enquirer has been notorious for decades for its trashy and controversial gossip on America’s famous, but after an open-casket funeral photo of the late Whitney Houston ran on the publication’s cover on Wednesday with the headline, “Whitney Houston’s Last Photo”, has the publication officially gone too far?

The Enquirer doesn’t think so. Mary Beth Wright, publisher of The Enquirer tells, “I thought it was beautiful.” This isn’t the first time The Enquirer published photos of dead or dying celebrities. FOX points out The Enquirer ran photos of John Lennon after his brutal death, and Elvis Presley in his coffin.

People have taken to Twitter and Facebook in shock at the move. But one man tweeted another point-of-view, “Don’t hate the National Enquirer for publishing Whitney Houston casket photo, hate on the family member/friend who sold it.” Damn!

What do you think, fam? Is the Enquirer’s decision strictly business or way too far?