A look at the political week that was…

  • This week reflected a change in the tone of the political rhetoric. Romney attacked the Obama campaign for a strategy of “division, attack and hatred.”  The candidate also went on to call the president “angry.”  Clearly, Team Romney is going for the jugular.
  • Mitt Romney’s tax returns are back in the news, but not because of Democrats.  Both Ann Romney and her husband have brought up the issue of taxes which will only have the impact of making the media ask the question, “What are they hiding?” over and over again until they release more years of returns.
  • The White House let Vice President Joe Biden outside and he had a little gaffe about putting “ya’ll back in chains” when speaking to a group of majority Black voters about Wall Street. Well…
  • The competing plans for Medicare between the Obama and Romney campaigns are got a lot of ink this week.  The differences are explained here.
  • Vice Presidential hopeful Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) had his first official week on the campaign trail and polling doesn’t yet show a clear bump for Romney.  More information about who Paul Ryan is here.
  • A Pennsylvania court upheld the state’s controversial voter ID law possibly disenfranchising 10% of eligible voters.