After a two-month hiatus, Wendy Williams is back and ready to dish on pop culture's trending topics. During Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she spoke candidly about HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary.

Starring Wade Robson and James Safechuck, Leaving Neverland detailed both men’s accounts of alleged child molestation and sexual misconduct at the hands of late singer Michael Jackson.

Williams expressed apprehension about the two-part doc during her “Inside Scoop” segment. While sitting alongside entertainment journalist Chris Witherspoon, Williams disclosed why she doesn’t “believe a word of anything in this documentary.”

She referred to the allegations made by both Robson and Safechuck as “lies” and said the new claims were all a part of a “money grab.”

While Williams offered a strong defense of Jackson, she also mentioned several things she believes he was guilty of. “I do believe there was shower in the nude. I don’t believe there was any sexual touching. I do believe sleepovers in the same bed. I do believe that if mother nature takes its course and, you know, you get a hard penis. I don’t believe touch, and I don’t believe sex,” she said.

Along with empathizing with Jackson, Williams went on to defend his late father, Joseph "Joe" Jackson. “Joe Jackson—rest in peace— he did the best that he could in raising this showbiz family,” said Williams.

Offering more support for the singer, she added, “Michael became the star of the family, and even though he had all those siblings, he was still trapped in being Michael. I don’t believe any of this. I do believe this is money for the families, and I do believe that Michael was having a problem with drugs. Well, who wouldn’t?”

Comments from Williams comes after an almost three month hiatus from her Fox talk show. She was reportedly recovering from a shoulder injury and closely monitoring her Graves' disease during her absence from the show.

Check out the clip below: