Television personality Wendy Williams spoke with Urban View host Karen Hunter before an audience at SiriusXM studios in New York today.

Williams became emotional when asked if she’d change the last name on credit cards and bank accounts following her recent divorce. “No; my name is Wendy Hunter, that’s my son’s name and you can’t take away 20 …. don’t make me cry. … Next.”

Though she said she’s now happy, healthy and “at peace with the world,” Williams became emotional again when asked if she and ex-husband Kevin Hunter would ever reconcile. “No. Don’t ask. No! Girl. No. Don’t ask. I know what you’re saying. But my family is good, and we’ll always be family,” she responded.

The talk show host discussed her friendship with Blac Chyna, describing their relationship as “big sister slash motherly and science project,” and revealed that Blac Chyna’s son with Tyga, King, calls her “Ms. Wendy.” Williams also talked about her time in the sober house, which she said she went to because “there were things in my life going on where I knew I had to sit and quiet everything, and not have knocks on the door. … I just need to think,” and that when she left, she “came out swinging.”

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