Talk show host Wendy Williams appeared on the No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis podcast, where she shared the worst and most hurtful advice a former boss ever gave her. The former radio personality told Jarvis it happened early on in her career, when she was doing radio in a new city, according to ABC News.

After finishing up her first week at a new gig, Williams said her boss, who was a woman, called her into the office. “She says, ‘Close the door. You know, we love you and you had great numbers in New York and that’s why we brought you here but … what you did there, you can’t do that here,” the 54-year-old recalled.

Williams also said the woman told her “change who you are because you’re going to be a dinosaur.” The New Jersey native was reduced to tears at the thought of not being herself.

Although the advice was initially hurtful, she used it as motivation to prove the woman wrong. “I just put it in my head. ‘I’ll show her; I’ll show her,'” she said.

Williams went on to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and became an award-winning television host. The Wendy Williams Show is in its 10th season.