So either late last night or early this morning, Kim Kardashian simply showed the world and no damns were given.

The mother of three and wife of Kanye West released a series of racy photos, will some of them showing off her goodies.

No, we will not post them all here, but check out her IG. Here are a couple.

Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks

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Okay …those were what we were about to post. You can click her Instagram profile for the rest.

Anyway, of course, talk show host and queen of opinions, Wendy Williams, couldn’t wait to throw some serious shade at Kardashian West during her “Hot Topics” segment on her show this morning.

“Kim, it’s clear Kanye has nothing for you except dribble and dribble and evil conversation,” the 53-year-old host said. “It is clear that Kanye does not pay attention to you. It’s clear to me that you’re desperately trying to stay in the spotlight. And… Kanye makes money, Kim makes more, why are you still doing this? It’s not even about the mother thing, forget the mother thing, because a lot of people will say, ‘Oh, she’s a mother.’ It’s about, she doesn’t have to do that anymore.”