Wendy Williams recently took to her popular talk show to discuss Pusha T and Drake’s current rap feud, only to be attacked by Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, for reiterating the jabs Pusha took on latest diss, “The Story of Adidon.”

“So, you don’t write your own music, so anything that you say is not really from your heart. I like people who write their own music, you know what I mean? You’re stupid enough to wear blackface with the “cha cha cha” hands, at that. And that big, stupid, “cha cha cha” smile. And then, what is this we hear about you having a baby with a stripper?”

Williams then addressed Pusha’s comments regarding Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, whom the rapper has admitted wasn’t a part of much of his life.

“Dennis walked out on Drake when Drake was only five, but now Dennis is back in Drake’s life. Pusha said that Drake parades Dennis around in Steve Harvey suits [laughs].”

Graham responded by calling the radio vet “RuPaul Jr.,” in addition to taking several other digs. Read his response below.

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Williams has officially responded, saying she doesn’t understand why Graham would attack her for commenting on information Pusha T shared. She also took a playful jab at the father’s mustache and wardrobe. Read her full response below.


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