Fans of The Wendy Williams Show may have noticed its beloved host was M.I.A. Monday morning. Upon her return Tuesday, Williams entered with her right arm tucked beneath her holiday sweater in a sling.

She shared with the audience that she suffered a hairline fracture to her right shoulder on Sunday and was  in too much pain Monday to record the show that day.

“I have a hair fracture on my right shoulder. I did it on Sunday; by Monday morning my shoulder was on fire,” Williams revealed. “There’s no way I could’ve done yesterday’s show, so I was all about the medical care yesterday from one doctor to the other. I’m on the mend, I don’t need an operation. [Doctors] told me I’m very healthy for a person — after 50.”

“I’m not wearing a hard cast, but I do have a sling and I do have my flower ring on.”

Williams’ health has been under a microscope since her on-air Halloween collapse last year.

During the episode, the 54-year-old diva opened as usual in a Statue of Liberty costume, but later, her speech slowed down and she stumbled backward and fell to the ground.

After a commercial break, she told the audience: “That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume. I passed out. I’m a champ, and I’m back.”