Residents of a small Pennsylvania borough are urging the district’s mayor to quit after he posted a series of inflammatory and racist Facebook posts, including a meme that suggested that President Obama be lynched.

The image was posted by West York Mayor Charles Wasko. It showed Clint Eastwood from the film, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and a noose. The caption read, “Barry, this rope is for you. You wanna bring that empty chair over here!”

Wasko also reposted an image of orangutans in a wheelbarrow with the caption, “Moving day at the White House.”

After the images surfaced online, several member of the West York borough council called on Wasko to step down from his position.

“I would punch him in the mouth if I could get away with it,” Councilwoman Shelley Metzler told the York Daily Record. “This man needs to resign.”

Wasko was unapologetic for posting the memes and said he “will not be politically correct” and “say what is on my mind and what I believe in.”

“I say what people think but are afraid to upset the liberal media and crooked politicians…there will be more to come from me,” Wasko posted in a comment on one of his Facebook post. “When I ran for this position I told the residents that I will work with council but I won’t put up with and wrong doings I will let residents know what they really do, and the bomb is ready to drop on Mauck and Wilson.”

West York is located about 100 miles west of Philadelphia and has a population of 4,617. Its population is 82 percent white, 8.5 percent Black and 9 percent Hispanic as of 2010 Census data.