For some, blonde hair on a Black woman is like the unbearable screeching of fingernails across a blackboard. For others, it’s a unique compliment that, if worked the right way, can bring out a woman’s hidden alter ego. We asked a variety of brothas across the nation to give us their opinion of the bright-haired trend.  

“I think it depends on the girl. It definitely takes a bold woman to pull off something like that, to be honest. The slightest amount of insecurity – or if it’s not done right – is enough for me to snatch it off of someone’s head.”

Eric, 28, trainer, Philadelphia

There’s a fine line. On some, it looks classy, like women with locs where some of the strands are blonde.   But then I’ve seen some other women who look like French circus clowns. It’s like ‘Really?’  However, aside from aesthetics, I don’t buy into the idea that you can’t adopt things from non-Black women. There’s no “defined blackness” or correct way to be Black.”

Donnie, 34, television editor, Detroit

“The first thing I think about when I see a bleached blonde black woman is "authenticity" or lack thereof. What drove her to go for a color that rarely ever happens in nature, with the exception of albinos?”

Russell, 33, engineer, Atlanta

 “Daddy issues. Tacky. I’m not necessarily a fan of blonde hair on Black women. You have to make sure the blonde works well with your skin tone, unless you’re a stripper.”

Edmund, 26, university administrator, Austin

“I think it can work for light-skinned women, but it looks kind of crazy on dark-skinned women. I’m not saying that I favor light-skinned women, but it just looks better because it blends better with their skin tones. When I first read the question, I thought ‘ghetto.’ But short, maybe natural hair, would look good in that shade.”

Antar, 33, graphic designer, Atlanta

Well there you have it! What do you think? Are Black Blondes a good look? —Kimberly Walker