Men with thick, bushy brows make my world go ‘round. Though we women go through great lengths to arch, blend, shade in and perfect our brows, men are typically low maintenance in this area. For good reason, too. There’s plenty debate over whether or not a man should take a razor or a pair of tweezers to a facial feature that’s been given the green light to be unruly. We asked a few EBONY readers to share their thoughts. Should Black men groom their brows?

Daniel, an Atlantan, is not having it. “I’m definitely a fan of grooming, but unless you have the Anthony Davis uni-brow (national basketball champion and current Olympian on team USA), eyebrow maintenance to me is uber-feminine. Women enjoy lying next to a man who maintains his skin, breathe, hands and feet. Eyebrows? Not so much.”

The southern gentleman’s sentiments were echoed in practically every other answer I received on the subject. Followed by a side eye, I was given a resounding “No” by both Black men and women, unless a full uni-brow was present.

“If you look like mad scientist ‘round about the eyebrow, then, yes, get that taken care of. But, no, you won’t be going to get your eyebrows threaded when I go get mine done,” said Jean, 29, a fiery Michigan resident.

The most telling (and hilarious) quote was given by Detroit native, Don. “I’m all for a little manscaping, but a man should never try to be as pretty as a woman. Jailhouse tattooing is the only thing we’re allowed to do to our faces.”

However, brow guru Damone Roberts begs to differ. During a chat a while back, he explained to me that he doesn’t understand why men neglect their brows. “They groom all of the rest of the hair on their bodies…but not brows?” He suggested doing a light trim on brow hairs for those with a fear of softening their rugged features.

“My father has eyebrows that grow long and wild, and I don’t see anything wrong with getting them clipped or trimmed,” chimed in Ronda, 31. “However, I don’t think it’s okay for a man to compromise the natural shape of his brow by getting them arched. There is a difference.”

Let us know that you think. When it comes to male eyebrow grooming, which side are you on?