Inspired by Rebecca Walker’s already-iconic book BlackCool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness, where the top Black writers examine the brightness of Blackness via essays on topics as vast as fashion, art and music; has officially gone live.

Creators Kristy Tillman and Sian Morson have never met in person, but their passion for the book birthed the innovative new site which aims to decode the book and also give fans of the book a platform on which to express their own ideas of what 'Black Cool' means to them.

Morson, a technologist who runs a Bay Area mobile agency called Kollective Mobile says, “We met on Twitter and even within the construct of Twitter, and there is a very distinct element of Black Coolness. It’s largely responsible for how we met and how this project came to be.”

The site displays images and videos on ‘element cards’ and Twitter API is creatively used to allow users to post which elements represent their 'Black Cool.' The users Twitter handles are displayed along with each post and element. The site features a simple, easy to use interface and an elegant design that aligns visually with the book.

“We thought it was important to have a place to collectively build what Walker so eloquently described in the book. is a living visual catalog of our contribution to cool, globally.” Said Tillman, a designer at the award winning global design consultancy IDEO .

Major influence has derived directly from Rebecca Walker’s quote. “Let us build a period table of Black Cool, element by element. Let it grow like a kudzu, denying all that would deny it, and moving at speeds so lightning fast, it cannot, ever, be stopped”, she says. With the help of the sleek new site all credit will rightfully be given. The site truly does a phenomenal job exuding 'Black Cool.'

Check out the site and share your element of Black Cool!