When I first spotted the previews for weTV’s ‘L.A. HAIR,’ I almost flipped my wig. Kim Kimble, the hands behind Beyonce’s blessed tresses, allowed cameras into her whirlwind life as a celebrity hairstylist. The reality TV show introduces us to the major players in the veteran’s high-end Kimble Hair Studio, along with a sizable amount of drama. Where there’s a pressing comb, there’s gossip. 

We meet Anthony, Kimble’s perky assistant who’s dying to be crowned a full-time stylist in the salon; Charity, a bumbling receptionist that rarely seems to get anything right; Dontay, a weave-master that wants no parts of a catfight, and Terry, a fabulous stylist with quips for days. The one you’ll love to hate is Angela, a narcissistic, up and coming stylist that purposely tries to butt heads with Kim. Seriously, by the end of the second episode I wanted to open palm slap her. 

Though some of the drama seems a bit contrived, the haute hair is enough to keep your attention. Audiences will be treated to tons of makeovers and behind-the-scenes celebrity shoots. You’ll love watching the not-so-simple process of glamming up favorite celebs like Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Eve, Laila Ali and Mary Mary. 

Kimble also lets viewers into her personal life by openly discussing her turbulent relationship with her mother and fellow stylist, Jasmine, a former drug addict with a 15-year sobriety. They manage to keep the issues light enough to the fit in with the fun vibe of the salon. 

All in all, If you love playful cattiness and watching talented stylists slay heads to the high heavens, you’ll dig ‘L.A. HAIR.’ 

Check out the premiere episode tonight at 10pm ET/PT on WE TV.