Love to binge-watch documentaries? Join the club. For this Juneteenth holiday weekend, documentary streaming service MagellanTV curated a playlist of flicks highlighting the hopes and struggles of Black Americans. From now until Sunday, you can watch two (noted below) of its feature educational documentaries without a Magellan subscription:

  • Nat Turner and the Slave Rebellion of 1831 – Nat Turner’s slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831 is a watershed event in American history. This mesmerizing flick dives into that violent confrontation and its impact on the nation.
  • The Fight for the Black Middle Class (free) – through historical footage and personal interviews, journalist Bob Herbert explores the heroic efforts of Black families in pursuing the American dream despite the obstacles and setbacks that have emerged from the Jim Crow era through the Great Recession.
  • Jayhawkers: The True Story Of Phog Allen And Wilt Chamberlain – directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Willmott, Jayhawkers tells the powerful tale of how a small group of unlikely allies modernized college sports and changed a small Midwestern town, serving as a parallel to the Civil Rights movement that would transform an entire American society.
  • Race for Justice  - this film showcases the interconnected story of three woman: an attorney from Chicago; a high school teacher in Manhattan; and a grieving daughter whose father was killed by a police officer in Staten Island. It highlights the ongoing struggle for acceptance and justice amidst a burgeoning national debate over race and police brutality.
  • A Ripple of Hope - this documentary details Robert Kennedy's famous speech—an extemporaneous plea for peace and reconciliation—in Indianapolis on the night Martin Luther King was killed.
  • Monumental Crossroads: Heritage, History, And Hate (free - a film which explores legacy of the South during a 6,000-mile road trip through the former Confederacy. A myriad of supporters and opponents—white, Black, Northerners and Southerners—is met along the way:

Whether you are a subscriber (from $4.99) or not, use this weekend to stay connected.