“Tomorrow Rand Paul plans to officially enter the 2016 presidential race vowing to be a ‘new type of Republican.’ Unfortunately for Paul, it doesn’t matter how many times he tries to reinvent himself. His policies are entirely outside the mainstream, his plans are bad for the middle class, and he would weaken the United States and our allies. Whether it’s his skepticism over the need for fundamental civil rights and voting rights legislation, his opposition to LGBT rights, his plan that would increase taxes on the middle class, or his desire to eliminate all foreign aid including to our allies, it is abundantly clear that the American people cannot trust Rand Paul.” – Michael Tyler, DNC spokesperson

1. Rand Paul sided with millionaires and billionaires by proposing a flat tax that would raise taxes on hardworking Americans while cheerleading a tax structure that would “lower rates dramatically for the upper income folks”.

2. Rand Paul repeatedly suggests there is a right to discriminate and said decisions in the private sector should go “unhindered,” even if that includes discrimination. 

3. Rand Paul on LGBT rights: “I don’t really believe in rights based on your behavior.” 

4. Rand Paul warned that ensuring equal pay for women would “give away freedom.”

5. Rand Paul voted against allowing students to refinance their loans and suggested refinancing would threaten the “stability” and “fabric” of society. 

6. Rand Paul called foreign aid to Israel “welfare” and insisted we should completely end it.