Today kicks off New York Fashion Week—or, should we say, fashion month. As we hop from show to show, we often need our essentials with us as often there is hardly anytime to catch a quick break. Needless to say, what we tote around is very important as is what we tote them in.

First impressions are everything. My trusty holdall this season will be a chic sapphire-trimmed leather Coach belt bag. I'll tuck my Thom Browne wallet in it—which I copped on sale back in 2019. I detest odors. Tom Ford's Fucking Fabulous travel spray cologne is my go-to for smelling good on the fly. When I need to pump up my energy when my sugar level is running, I like to snack on a pack of Welchs Fruits Snacks until I can grab a real meal. And as many fashion editors can attest, your phone will die on you when you need it most so adding an Apple charger pack is must for me. Lastly, we live in a COVID era, so extra face masks and Aesop's Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Mist are necessity for staying healthy during the age of 'rona.

See you between the shows!

Image: courtesy of Coach

Coach Horse And Carriage Print Charter Belt Bag, $195,
Image: courtesy of Thom Browne

Thom Browne Pebble Grain Money Clip Wallet, $420,
Image: courtesy of Apple

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, $99,
Image: courtesy of Tom Ford

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous Travel Spray, $75, 
Image: courtesy of Aesop

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Mist, $13,
Image: courtesy of Rite Aid

Welchs Fruits Snacks, $2,