In honor of their centennial year, Wheaties will honor Muhammad Ali by way of their limited-edition Century Box Series. Each box from the series will feature celebrated athletes. Ali will be the first.

“No one was quite like Muhammad Ali, beyond his unrivaled prowess in the boxing ring he was also an agent for social change, racial justice, and is remembered as a civil rights icon,” said Taylor Gessell, Wheaties' brand experience manager in a press release obtained by EBONY. “We are proud to launch our commemorative series by honoring the valiant legacy of Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time.”

The limited-edition boxes can be purchased from grocery store retailers beginning in June.

“Muhammad was a man of principle and strength, he fought against discrimination and injustice in their many forms,” Ali's wife, Lonnie Ali. “He was a voice for equality and justice for all. He would be honored to be the first athlete featured on the Wheaties Century Box so that his enduring wisdom, optimism and hopes can continue to affect emerging athletes and humanitarians.”

Tuesday, Laila Ali took to Instagram to celebrate the limited-edition Muhammad Ali Centennial Series Wheaties box's release.

"This is so nostalgic for me," said Ali. "I remember seeing the original box for the first time as a kid and I felt that my dad superhuman."

Fans can purchase a collectible gold-foil version of the box at .