There was a time, not so long ago, when we were all very naive. And because I’m now old enough to say it, also very stupidEvery single one of us. It is an unavoidable part of growing up. I like to refer to that time as my twenties.

Now for some, this timeframe began around 18. It might not have lasted the entirety of your twenties, but at the very least until 27.

It’s ok. It’s not wholly your fault that you were an idiot for almost a decade. There is a certain arrogance that begins around this age. The “I can drive, I can vote and I can drink, so you can’t tell me a single thing about this life!” era. The “I am paying my bills with my college refund check or using it merely to buy new clothes so I am an adult” mindset. Every single one of us experienced it. The time where we were just floating and believed we had reached the apex of adulting. We had it together. We had the most foolproof plan for success for the rest of life. We were gonna have houses at 25, our dream job and a husband/wife before 30 and then clearly all that’s left is that happily ever after part, right?

And then, life smacks you and screams the loudest NOPE right in your face. The universe suddenly says, ‘that’s enough of that kid feeling comfortable, let’s throw a tsunami onto their pretty little existence and see if they can swim.’

I suspect the first glimpse of this is when Sallie Mae slides into your bank account about 30 days after graduation. That’s when you realize that all that refund check money mighthave been more useful in a savings account because Sallie Mae is now gonna be on your back for at least the next 20 years. She is the friend that came to dinner but will not leave. No matter how many hints you throw to her. Still not pressed, though, because this job I’m about to get in my field is gonna cover all of that.

Did you say dream job? Where is it, though? For most, it doesn’t come the day after graduation. If you’re not a soul fortunate enough to have a gig/internship lined up, there is a distinct timeframe when you have no idea what you’re going to do next. You have paid all this money for a degree and there is no immediate need for your presence in an office space. You’re still undaunted, though. Cause you’re 22. You’ve got time. Right?

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