A White police officer in Lorain, Ohio has been fired after stopping her daughter’s boyfriend, who is Black, and detaining the couple for no reason.

The Chronicle Telegram reports investigators discovered John Kovach Jr. stopped Makai Coleman, 18, while he was driving with three passengers, telling the Black teen he was “going to jail.”

When asked why, Kovach responded, “Have a seat in my car. We’ll make sh*t up as we go.”

He then detained Coleman as he exited his vehicle and took a seat in the back of the cop car. Soon, Gloria Morales, a nearby homeowner, approached Kovach saying two of her children were in the car as well. He then told Morales that his daughter’s laptop was in her home and that he wanted to retrieve it. After Morales denied the officer entry, Kovach threatened to arrest her and confessed that he used the laptop to track his daughter’s whereabouts.

Eventually, Kovach noticed his own daughter, Katlyn, in the backseat, demanding she get in his squad car. While she resisted, Kovack detained her as well, pushing her into the vehicle after letting Coleman out. 

While detaining the couple, the officer ignored an emergency request to investigate a road rage incident.

The investigation determined Kovach had violated the department’s standards of conduct by initiating the traffic stop on Coleman without cause, by threatening to arrest Morales, for taking Coleman into custody while saying he would make up the charges against him and for failing to respond to a traffic stop.

Watch the footage below.